August 3


but how would i know if he died i totally wasnt the killer or one of the people asociated with the killer. ok maybe i did kill the guy in black suit that was standing in the doorway im joking i killed everyone you know haha and by the way im about to kill you and everyone in this room and you as well did i say that well i dont care so say your last words mwahahahahahahahahahahahahah times up time to die what oh waight here im just getting the gun so stay or or or i will kill

July 23

Invercargill day one

A week ago I woke up and got out of bed. Then I got dressed, had breakfast and left for the airport. Today my little sister Neve and I were flying to the deep south of New Zealand (AKA:Invercargill). We are spending a week down south with my mum’s side of the family. (My dad’s side of the family lives in Australia. And my stepdad Zimmy, his family lives in Zimbabwe and England (by the way, England lost badly to Iceland in the Euros 2016).)

Now back to the story. Where was I, yes, talking about my family from my mum’s side. There are about 14 cousins in total including Neve and I. There’s Laura, Daniel, Jess, Ben, Sam, Charlie, Lucas, Eli, Fynn, Scarlett, William and Luka. So let’s move on. When we got off the plane Nana picked Neve and I up from the airport. We drove to MacDonalds (there’s only one MacDonalds in Invercargill just so you know) to have lunch with Scarlett and Fynn. After lunch we got the groceries and then we went to drop some milk off at Lucas and Eli’s house. Then we drove home to the farm and that was my first day down south

June 14

100 wc

there was a yellow violin who had just eaten on a aeroplane as they swept through the air.

then the plane fell intill they were one centremitre off the ground and then they flew back up to onethousand meters in the air then bang they fell 1 2 3 and back up this continued all the way to las vegas. when we got off some one yelled my name is jeff then shot there self so that was the end for then right back on the plane we went up and down and up and down then we fell down down down down

June 7


a whistle blew and everyone vanished then when i woke up i was in some other dimension floating round then i yelled for help and then the red lantern came and said shut your trap now or you will be living the rest of your worthless life in a cage hanging over lava with no food no water no friends no family no life hahahahahahahahaha

so i said go die in a hole but that was a big mistake because then he ordered his men to open fire thats when i woke up hanging over lava with no friends but…

May 24


as the flame flickered and then went out room went black and we all yelled as we heard a loud roar coming from the other end of the school we all scrambled around trying to escape the cramped room and run to the car… But then something intersepted us everyone froze dead in there tracks and waited for what ever would happen next to happen. Because every one new that we were all doomed. Then some doof turned his torch on and shone at the beast but little did we know that it was scared of light and it ran.